How to 10x earned media for your brand

Act like a news editor, not a publicist.

I've read hundreds of terrible pitches as an editor - maybe 5% actually got my attention.

3 tips I shared with a tech founder last week:

1. Think like a journalist (e.g., why will readers of X publication care about this 'new thing' you want them to publish?)

2. Write like a journalist (e.g., what headline will X publication use to make this article about your 'new thing' clickable?)

3. Pitch like a journalist (e.g., what are the three sell points for this 'new thing' that X publication just can't ignore?)

If you're still stuck, chances are your 'new thing' might not be news after all.

Remember this:

- Ideas are cheap and journalists are time-poor. Package the story with data, sources, and good quotes. Make it easy.

- Often, it's better to zoom out. What does this 'new thing' mean for your industry or your business? Why should we care?

- Newsrooms are looking for stories that stick. Think scoops, exclusives, hot takes, and fresh angles on news and trends. Be creative!

- Journalists are working to serve their audience, not to plug your 'new thing'. Hand them a great story, not a media release.

- What I call "keyboard comms" does nothing for your reputation. Build meaningful IRL relationships with the right journos over time.

Or, engage a team who has them.

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Jamie Larson